Sacred Paws Pet Crematory, LLC


Monday thru Friday   0900 AM  - 5:00 PM.

Normal Hours Of Operation:

Appointments Outside Normal Working Hours add a $50.00 fee to each service 

All Services are by Appointment ONLY.  Call before arrival to ensure someone is available to receive you:   910-340-1541

Home Pick up inside Onslow County  $40.00.

Home Pick up after Normal Working Hours add $50.00       ($90.00)

Appointments during 0900 -5:00 Monday thru Friday minus Holidays will not have the added $50.00 after hours fee.

Using current prices shown below:  A less than 10 pound Partitioned Cremation is $115.00, after normal working hours that same cremation would be $ 165.00.  If a after normal working hours a $40.00 Home pick up was needed in addition to the after hours cremation service, the total cost for after hours cremation and pick up would be:

115 cremation+50 AfterHr+40 Pick Up+50 AfterHrPickup = $255.00.    ​

The same $255.00 service could be done for $115.00 during normal working hours if you bring to us.

If you do not call prior to arriving there may not be anyone available to receive you. 

Try to allow a minimum of 1 hour notice: